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About US

We are group of IITIANS, whose lives have been transformed by the teachings of Bhagavad Gita. Hence we are trying to spread it's teachings to make a better world. And the best thing is,


Below are few books on whose our teachings are based, they include but not limited to Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Brahma Samhita, MahaBharata, Ramayan and manymore.

Fun Quizzes

Gita Life Magic brings to you fun filled Free Prizes, like earphones, books, and manymore..

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Events and Programmes

We @ Gita Magic Life conduct many online and offline sessions, workshops and camps all free of cost. Our one hour long sessions that surely transforms lives are the most populated and famous amongst youth.

Work Shops

Time Management

Stress Management

Work and Life Balance

And Many more. These are 4-5 hour long events with theroy and practicals, held weekly to hone hidden leader inside you. Register now to know more.

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Can A Scientist Believe in God?

Law of Karma

Vedas : Isn't Following the Blind Faith.

And Many more. These are 1-2 hour long sessions, held weekly that kindle the hidden talents inside you. Register now to know more.

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2 Day Camps

7 Day Camps

28 Day Camps.

Objective of camps to train the future leader. Our trained students have been placed in Google, GoldmanSachs, PayTm, Uber and manymore..

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FREE and ONE HOUR LONG SESSIONS. Sessions will be condicted online.

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Stress Relieved

We have provided stress free lives to thousands of people till now.


Productive Lives

Participants responds that after attending and applying our sessions their have become more productive and efficient.


Self Motivated

Thousands now feel self motivated to do their tasks, and never feel boredom while working on their assignments both in students and working class.

Contacts US


main channel: @gitalifemagic

We have many sub channels as well so that no can mimic us, they are: gitalife.magic ,gitamagiclife ,gitalifemagic. , gitalifem4gic and shushant_gitalifemagic


+91 9634689949

Other numbers : +91 7973610713, +91 9781407881
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